Our weekly meal plan – 10/07/17

Meal planning is going quite well lately and we seem to be sticking to them weekly which is good!

Our food budget is still something we need to work on but I’m hoping working from home will give us a bit more flexibility on using vouchers and cashback apps in store. There will be more of this coming up over on my money site Savvy Squirrel later in the week.

So what’s on the menu this week? As with everything we will have some of the same meals as we usually do on a weekly basis, these are just our staples (though I’m hoping to expand these!). Then we tend to try out a new recipe every week.

The ones we’ve tried lately have been delicious so we will be trying more soon! For now though with a busy week left we are sticking to what we know best.

Monday –

Fish – we still have some salmon, cod and haddock in the freezer so will pick later what to go with. Usually we just have it with veg and potatoes to keep it simple.

Tuesday –

Pasta – probably going to be tuna pasta bake for Kayleigh and Ethan but for us adults it will be chili spinach pasta (recipe to follow)

Wednesday –

Chicken wraps – Not had these in a while so going to make them for a change.

Thursday –

Lamb keema curry – This was recommended to us by a friend and one we’ve really enjoyed having since.

Friday –

Fish – Again this will depend on what we have had previously before we decide what we are having.

Saturday –

Takeaway – We have friends round so something will likely be ordered in.

Sunday –

Pork bibimbap – This is a recipe from our Gusto box which we really enjoyed so we are going to recreate this at home.

Simple dishes for the whole week really! In the coming weeks I will be sharing our recipes every Friday, hopefully some of them will inspire you and help with your meal planning too!

If you have enjoyed this meal plan, don’t forget you can check the rest of them out here.


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