Our weekly meal plan – 18/09/17

Good morning and welcome back to the latest meal planning post!

This week we are trying to cut the costs of our meals. As much as I love making some of the recipes we have, sometimes the ingredients can push the cost up. Over the coming weeks we are looking to find cheap family meals for everyone. Don’t worry I will be sharing the recipes as we go along 🙂

So here is what we are cooking this week!

Monday –

Chilli con carne – The kids have swimming tonight so eat before they go, good job really as they wont eat this as they think its a bit spicy!

Tuesday –

Tuna pasta bake – Kids favourite again!

Wednesday –

Pancakes – Simple and quick to make. Our household would eat this every week if they were allowed.

Thursday –

Macaroni cheese – This is a meal we haven’t had in a while and is pretty cheap so we are going to try it again.

Friday –

Pizza – We are adjusting our shopping to go and actually pick our own food after a few disasters lately with home delivery so we are going to take advantage of the pizza counter in store!

Saturday –

Chicken lasagna – I saw this on the Tesco food website so thought we would give it a go as we have chicken in the freezer.

Sunday –

Slow cooker gammon – Easy to make but it makes great leftovers too!

What do you have cooking this week?

Our weekly meal plan - 18/09/17

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