Our weekly meal plan – 24/07/17

Good morning and welcome back to our latest weekly meal plan.

Last week’s plan was a bit of a disaster.

You may remember me explaining I had be diagnosed with a severe case of tonisilitus (I was also moaning about paying £16 for my medication…) anyway, it got worse!

Monday night I ended up having an emergency response unit at the house as I had ended up having a reaction to the medication I had picked up. After a quick trip to A & E we were back on our way to a late night chemist and another £17 in prescriptions.

However the good news is I am now on the mend and looking forward to my first summer holiday at home with the kids!

So on to this weeks meal plan. With a bit more time on my hands this week I am looking forward to getting in the kitchen and cooking this week.

Monday –

Taco boats – I cheat and us the kits for these. However the kids love making their own and its a great way to get them eating their veg!

Tuesday –

Lamb keema – After the disaster last week I never made this so plan to try it this week.

Wednesday –

Chicken pie – I haven’t made a pie in so long but plan to make one this summer. Delicious chicken and vegetable pie, yummy!

Thursday –

Spicy pork rice – This dish is from the Hairy Bikers diet book and it is so good!

Friday –

Fish Friday – Not sure what type yet but I will work it out later in the week.

Saturday –

Chicken wraps – Nice and easy plus tasty!

Sunday –

Stew/curry – We will see how we are feeling nearer the time and pick from that.

So that is what we have cooking in our house this week, what’s on your menu?

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