Weight Watchers Week 2 Weigh In

Ok so by now I’m well and truly into my diet and plodding along nicely (well kind off!)

I might as well come clean and say I put on 2lb!

Before I get put in the naughty corner though let me explain (no poor excuses such as the dog ate my dinner so I had to have a takeaway all week) I did however have a heavy takeaway the night before my weigh in that put me over my limit of points for the week.

So I knew weighing in the next day it was going to have affected my weight-loss. In fact I was so certain that this was the case that I weighed in on Saturday and lost 4lb! So overall I actually lost 2lb this week… still with me? No good, that detracts from the fact I put on this week!

Other than the slight naughty night I have actually been quiet good with my food.

I had a bit of a culture shock at the beginning when I realised I ate far to many carbs, slowly but surely though I’m learning what is the right amount and what is the wrong amount.

In our yummy hampers that we received from Weight Watchers, were two recipe books packed with great ideas suitable for the whole family!

Within the first week I had tried 2 of the recipes, Leek, spinach and mozzarella  and spicy tomato soup. I have to say I loved both of them plus they we’re only 1 point and zero points respectively! One great thing I love about the books is they are so simply to follow and the points per portion are clearly displayed. Plus in the back of the book you can search by points when looking for a recipe!

So I’m going to set myself some targets this week:

  • Lose the weight I gained!
  • Stop snacking in the evenings (its eating into my overdraft of points!)
  • Believe in yourself!

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