What to Look for in a Home Office

If you already have a home-based business, then you may be operating from the spare room, a desk in the corner, or even the sofa. But, if you’ve decided it’s time to sell your family home and move on, then you have the luxury of searching for a property with a designated office space.

To help you on your house hunt, here are things to look for when scoping out a property with a home office.

Facing and Setting

When looking for a new home, many people are concerned about the direction their garden faces. However, this should also be considered for your home office.

This is because lighting can have a huge impact on mood and productivity. So, whether you plan on operating your business from the attic or a bedroom, make sure to assess direction and light levels.

Impressing Clients

Primarily, your home needs to function as your home. However, when you have a home-based business, this must also be considered.

As part of your business, you may regularly meet with clients or have a small number of staff. In both instances, impression is important. So, when viewing properties, look at parking, assess street accessibility, and if it would be possible to create a separate business entrance, as these will present a more professional image.

Location is Key

If you were looking to rent or buy business premises, you would consider the convenience of the location, such as nearby shops and restaurants, transport links, and parking. For a home, location may come down to school catchment areas or proximity to family.

However, your home must work for both family and business life. As such, when looking for a property, consider location and ask yourself the following questions: How long does it take to reach the motorway? Are there links to main roads? Is there a train station nearby? Etc.

Growth Potential

Do you have plans to grow your business? Maybe you envision needing to hire staff, or perhaps expanding into a different market? If you would like to grow, then you must consider how a property will allow for this.

When attending viewings, think: Is there room in the garden for an office? Could you go up into the loft? Or is there space for a single storey extension?

Finding and creating the perfect home office can be a challenge. If you’re moving and need the ideal family and business space rolled into one, then hopefully these tips will help.

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