Whats my next step…

Well my plan was to start studying my ACCA in September through my works sponsorship however they’ve declared that non business critical items are to be put on hold … so there goes my study support for the time being.

So now I’m in the dilemma, do i stay where i am and put my course off until they can pay for it or do i look for a job that a) is more money so i can afford to pay for it on my own or b) one that’s the same salary but offers the study support.

There are really pros & con’s for both


  • I know my job inside & out
  • I only work 28 Hours a week
  • If i need time off etc i can take what i like
  • I get to occasionally do fun things (like go down the slide from the cabin trainer)


  • No time line on when i can start studying
  • No chance of anywhere to move up career wise internally
  • No chance of a pay rise anytime soon!

Where as if i go:

  • Likely to be more money
  • Will be able to start my study
  • Could hold more career opportunities for me


  • I would most likely have to do 5 day working week
  • I’d probably have to travel
  • Its all new with new people/systems & company

So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place – although there is no where for me to progress where i am i like my hours & the fact i can do the school run but also at 28 hours a week it would give me time to study & spend it with the kids but without my studies my career isn’t going anywhere and i didn’t do 2 years of night college to get stuck in a dead end job.

My career is for my children, i want them to be able to do things that they want to do be it dance classes, singing, sports, going on holiday but at the same time i don’t want to miss out on them growing up so the plan was i could do 28 hours at work and study when they are asleep this then gives me the time with them whilst they are young and by the time they start school i would be qualified and could get a better job for myself. Why is it life never goes to plan?

Time to get my thinking hat on…

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