Why am i so nervous?!

As you may remember I am the local Community Manager (CM) of Made For Mums Luton neighbourhood, its been slowly coming along and now I have finally arranged our first local meet up.

So why am I so nervous?!

I think I’m panicking, thinking what if no one turns up and I’m on my tod?! Or worse still a few people turn up and everyone sits in silence! I am buying cakes to break the ice, its got to be a winner! We are also lucky enough to be using a local children’s centre which has arranged for us to be able to use the room and their toys.

Its hard work getting people to talk on a local forum, share reviews & recommendations but the site itself is fantastic and so far all the ladies have been lovely that I’ve spoken to. The neighbourhood really needs some local input on whats good and whats not so good or even just great free places to take the kids over the easter holidays.

So if you’re in and around the Luton area on the 19th April make sure you pop by this link and find out more about the event, I could do with the moral support.

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