Why blog??

I’ve only been blogging for a couple of weeks now but so many people have asked me why do i blog? why share my day with people?

And the answer is simply i don’t really know.

I considered starting one whilst on maternity leave then didn’t bother, then not long after starting MFM community manager role a few of the other CM’s started blogs so i thought, why not?

I suppose its kind of therapeutic, just chatting away my stresses to anyone that might want to read. A bit like an open diary. Lets face it my life isn’t perfect (for starters i would love to be money stress free!) but you make the best of what you’ve got and learn to adapt as you go and i hope that some people reading might think, do you know what I’m not alone in what i have to deal with or how i feel.

That’s why i love it so much when someone comments or a new person follows my blog. I even get excited when someone mentions me in a tweet or on facebook! Its nice to feel that someone has taken something from the blog. Plus lets face it the reviewing part of it is fun too 🙂

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