Why first impressions are always so important in business

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First impressions are so important in business, after all, how many times have you judged whether you are going to buy a service or product based on the advertising you see? You don’t however, make up your mind just on images, the font used has an impact too.

I find that if I find something hard to read or images that are completely irrelevant to the product on offer, I just scroll on past. It is the same for blogs too. If the font is something I struggle to read, then I simply don’t read it. For me, font’s in emails and advertising should be clear to read and understand, after all, you are trying to sell a product or service.

4imprint conducted some research into this early this year and unsurprisingly 31% of those surveyed admitted they judged someone by the font they used in an email before they had ever met them. I have to say, I think sometimes emails can give away more about a person than they may think!

I love the fact also that if you use certain fonts, it gives off an impression of your personality. Though one font I avoid and it seems rightly so, is Cosmic Sans, I just can’t see how you can take that font seriously in professional content. However, I am not one of those who tell a colleague or friend that their font is not what I would use but 1 in 10 people surveyed is. I know first impressions are important however, I just don’t think I could bring myself to tell someone to change their font!

What are your thoughts on this survey? Do you find the font used is a way to work out someone’s personality before you meet them? I’m also intrigued to know if you feel that the font used in advertising can have a positive or negative effect on your thoughts on that brand.

Why first impressions are always so important in business

*Independent research commissioned by 4imprint and conducted by Ginger Polls. Almost 2000 people were surveyed in June 2020.    

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