Why I’m never taking the little things for granted again

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If I’ve learnt anything over the last year, it is not to take the little things for granted again. I still remember being at work when the news came in that it was likely schools were shutting early for the Easter break. Even when we left, I said to my team I’d see them after the break.

Then look what happened.

Personally, I never thought it would turn out as it has, but it has taught me to be grateful for everything.

During the first lockdown, I was grateful for just having a roof over our heads and food on the table. We were fortunate to have this and our health when so many people were suffering around the world. We work hard to provide for our family but having that option is something I will forever be thankful for.

Since then, the year has been a strange one and it is little things that you never really noticed that start to stand out. Just being able to pop to see family and friends for a catch-up. Although we may have felt like it was just brief catch-ups, Those little times soon start to add up.

Why I'm never taking the little things for granted again

Then there are the trips away, even just for the day. We never really travelled too often, but we always knew if we wanted to we could escape. Now we are stuck in our home town with very little to do or visit. This part of the world is not known for its open space and beautiful views. Often we have thought about moving away from it all or just taking a long break! We’ve not really had holidays in the UK with kids but I can’t wait to get away. I’d even consider camping, which I never thought I would. If you are thinking about it, take a little read of this blog post on which is the best option for families between tents, caravans or campervans.

We know to follow the rules and stick to our own area, however, I want to have the freedom back. I’m going to enter some travel competitions to try and win us a little break when this is all done.

Lastly, I miss normal life. Just worrying about what we are having for dinner, rather than hands, face and space or vaccines. I want the news to be full of rubbish again rather than news of deaths and cases rising. Over time, I know we will all look back and talk about this time. Without a doubt, this will become part of the history lessons in schools in years to come. For now, though, let’s just focus on getting to the end of this. If we all stick together, we can get life back.

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