Why Personalised Books are Great During the Pandemic

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2020 posed more issues with education than anybody thought necessary. Who could have predicted a global pandemic where homeschooling became a part of normal life, while also juggling social distancing rules, working from home schedules, and trying to maintain your own sanity? Many parents worry about children falling behind in their studies, and the pressure to keep up with the seemingly endless supply of worksheets from schools has many of us tearing our hair out.

A study by the Book Trust shows that we’re not alone.  54% of primary-school parents said they find it hard to stick to a timetable for their children’s studies, with 75% of all parents asked said they are taking a ‘flexible’ approach to their child’s school-work. In short, it’s not unusual for parents to look for different ways to encourage their kids to engage more with their education.

Though following a schedule is difficult, the same Book Trust study found that during this latest lockdown 47% of parents confirmed their children are doing more independent reading since March 2020, 34% stated they are reading more to their children, and 11% began reading bedtime stories for the first time during the lockdown. It would seem that with parents’ ever-growing worry about substituting school with screen time, many are turning to more traditional activities to keep their children engaged – with books being top of their list. The simple reason for this is that books are a great way to engage children as there are so many titles to choose from.

Though variety is good, any form of reading on a regular basis is beneficial and favourite books can read again and again. Sometimes repetition of a favourite book helps to nurture a love of reading, especially in those who may not have previously been too enthused by literature.

One fantastic way of keeping them interested is through personalised story books for children. Personalised books are even more appealing than your average story book as children enjoy seeing their own name within the stories they read. The books available from In The Book not only include their name throughout the text but often within the illustrations too, creating another activity for them to engage with their personalised book.

Younger children, in particular, tend to view reading as a joint activity, either listening to a story or reading aloud to a family member, they are often keen to share this experience and will enjoy it more if you’re also engaged. This is another way that personalised books are fantastic as they can also include an opening page message from you to your child, making the book even more special as you bond over reading it.

For those whose children may not be so thrilled by reading, the personalisation of their book provides a talking point, and talking about books and reading encourages a love of literature. After all, numerous studies have proven that children who read are often more inclined to do well both in school and in the years beyond.

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