Will you be working over the Christmas period?

With the festive season within touching distance, now we start to look at taking some time off (well most of us do!)
Other than our annual holiday/break, Christmas is really the only time I get to take off as a break longer than 2 days so I intend to make the most of the family time however CMI have conducted a survey which shows that over 70% of managers will be working over Christmas.
Managers' Future Forecast Christmas Infographic Infographic courtesy of the Chartered Management Institute
Here is the full result of the survey:

  • 70% of managers will be doing work-related activities over the Christmas holidays, 46% of whom will do so every day
  • The sectors where managers are most likely to keep working include management consultancy, business services, health and social care, education and manufacturing
  • 13% of managers say their organisation will stay open over Christmas & almost half (48%) of those say they won’t take any additional time off
  • The majority of managers (60%) believe that Christmas parties are an important way of recognising hard work, and that they help improve employee engagement (57%). However, 42% of managers say that many employees choose not to attend the party held by their organisation
  • More managers say the Christmas party is an important way of recognising hard work throughout the year, than was the case before the recession: 60% agree this year, compared to just 45% in 2007
  • Only 17% think that the risk of poor behaviour outweighs the benefits of a celebration
  • However, 30% say there won’t be any Christmas festivities this year in their organisation
  • And 30% of those organisations that do host a Christmas event won’t make a financial contribution
  • 40% of managers agree that an expensive end-of-year party could damage the organisation’s reputation, but only 24% say they would prefer it if the money was spent on something else.

I’ve worked for a couple of companies over the years they have all approached the Christmas party in different ways.
The one I currently work for pay for an evening meal out and disco, my previous one someone in our department arranged it but you had to pay for it yourself and the last one you got taken out for a Christmas lunch and it was all paid for.
I am a strong believer in giving your staff a little they will perform a whole lot better, this doesn’t just relate to Christmas parties though.
Being a working parent can be hard work at times but an understanding employer that gives you some time off to watch your little one in the school play or look after them when they are poorly is greatly appreciated and you find your staff work that little harder as a thank you for being flexible.
I wont be in over Christmas, I can only have 3 days off so will be in on New Year’s eve however the 23rd is my last day as after all the most important thing to me this Christmas is being with my family!
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