Working from home earnings – June 2016

Following on from our post on working from home earnings from May 2016 I was quietly optimistic that this month would be a good month for working from home.

However it has been quiet frustrating if I am honest. Here is how we go on in June.

Matched betting – £406.55

It was a busy start to June on the matched betting front as the Euro’s kicked off and we tried to take part in as many as we could however the old saying more haste less speed is one I should stick to.

Not paying attention on a bet when I laid it meant I had in fact laid against the wrong bet, costing an eye watering £250.

This obviously majorly impacted on the earnings this month however £400 tax free is not a bad sum of money to be sniffed at!

Currently its a bit quiet whilst we look after our accounts however I am hoping to break the £500 this month again.

If you are interested in giving matched betting a go why not have a read here on my post discussing matched betting and whether it was a scam, you can also give two offers a go on profit accumulator to see if it is going to work for you.

Freelance/Blog – £430 (Pre-tax)

It’s been a really odd month when it comes to the blog/freelance work.

On one hand I started the month feeling really positive and had lots of ideas coming out of Britmums Live however I found out also that I must have an operation in August which means I am going to be scaling back my freelance work for a while.

Then on top of that I have had a few frustrating issues getting my invoices paid! One tip, I work in accounts payable, so all the excuses you are giving me, I’ve probably used myself…

I am however going into July with a positive mind! The blog is busy with birthday giveaways and I have some great posts coming up, I’m looking forward to seeing how in pans out.

Overall for June I made £836.55 and I am really pleased with this, just a little frustrated to have fallen short on my target. However onwards and upwards!

July’s Targets –

So with an impending operation coming up I would like to make the most of  July’s money-making opportunities!

  • Get final payment for outstanding invoices
  • Look into affiliate marketing
  • Earn £1000 – split between blog/freelance and matched betting
  • Actually get round to listing on eBay as I didn’t do it last month.

I have tried the cash back apps etc but not had much luck really with those or mystery shopping but I am open to suggestions.

Whats your top ways of making extra money at home?

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