10 Months to go!

A bit late this month with our countdown and its going so fast however I’m not really getting anywhere! I’m just going round in circles chasing my tail.

My problem is I’m so indecisive so this month I’m going to make myself a little to do list and hopefully I will get somewhere as I tick it off as done..

This months plans:

  • Make a final decision on a cake
  • Make the invites
  • Pick out and put a deposit on the suits

For our wedding day we are having a simple theme of turquoise and white with butterflies throughout in little touches. I am trying to blend things in so its not a huge bulk of colour hitting you either.

Wedding Wedding

One thing is for sure, I am very certain of what I want when I finally decide and I don’t settle for anything less than the standard I set (god help those who are working on our wedding with us!) which I why I only want the best in the industry (still super-duper¬†exicted to have Jay Emme as our photographer!).

This is probably why it is taking me so long to make my mind up. At least the main things are booked/ordered so it’s just time to knuckle down and get the DIY elements done and organised plus start raising the last of the cash to pay for the rest!.

Here’s to hoping next month I’m a step further on than I am now.

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