*Review* Whipsnade Zoo with Superbreak

Last weekend was a busy weekend in our household with it being Ethan’s birthday and Father’s day but thanks to Superbreak we managed to have a lovely family day with a trip to Whipsnade Zoo.

Superbreak is a site packed full of great places to visit and of things to do. Simply pop over and have a browse at their day trips and places to visit as well as hotel & theatre breaks. There really is something for everyone.

This trip was our first visit for a couple of years and we were all looking forward to visiting as its only 20 minutes from our home.

Whipsnade Whipsnade Whipsnade

When you arrive at Whipsnade you have the choice to park in the free car parks outside the zoo or pay £20 to take your car into the park, this allows you to move the car around the park with you and also go into the “Passage through Asia” section which is car only.

If you are going to spend any extra money on the visit this would be the one thing I would say go for, we had our picnic, change of clothes and it also gave little legs a break throughout the trip.

On our entry to the park we simply handed over our superbreak voucher which we received via email to print and paid for the car, then away we went on our adventure.

The one thing I really love about Whipsnade is its space, there is just big open spaces which means even if the park is busy you don’t feel on top of each other and there is plenty of animals to see.

The park is laid out in a very simple layout which allows you to drive/walk around the whole park in a big circle on top of this the facilities it has are well maintained and spread out – perfect if you have a little one that needs the loo when you are in the middle of no where!

Whipsnade Whipsnade Whipsnade Whipsnade

As well as the animals Whipsnade has lots of interactive parts too including various shows, petting zoo and the play areas both inside and out.

We didn’t eat on the park though the prices are around those you would expect to pay at a tourist attraction, we did pop into the shop at the end of the day and overall we found the prices to be fairly reasonable.


New baby just been born!
New baby just been born!
I've named this one Bambi!
I’ve named this one Bambi!

This was possibly our most enjoyable trip to the zoo as Kayleigh and Ethan are a little bigger and want to know and talk about it so much more, but more than that we saw the following:

  • Saw a little fawn just after being born, was still in its sack!
  • Saw a little fawn stand for the first time!
  • Had just safety glass between us and 3 lions!
  • Got up close and learn’t about the elephants as they were in a different pen, plus there was only a handful of other people there, Kayleigh and Ethan will never forget that!

Whipsnade Whipsnade Whipsnade Whipsnade Whipsnade Whipsnade

We really did have an amazing trip to Whipsnade and I loved getting my camera out for the first time in a long time! Thank you to Superbreak for an amazing trip and I’m hoping its not too long before we return!

Whipsnade Whipsnade Whipsnade

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