10 ways to keep your family healthy and germ free

Allergies are on the increase, and news about many different strains of flu and other bugs also dominate the headlines. Although you can never keep your family totally free of germs, you can protect your family’s health by taking a few precautionary steps.


Wash your hands with a sanitiser

After the last MRSA crisis hit the UK’s hospitals, experts discovered that the introduction of disposable gloves and hand sanitisers cut down the risk of infection on the wards. The same rules apply in the home, if you invest in some gloves or hand products from Brosch Direct, you’ll help your family keep healthy, and relatively germ free.


Be careful when preparing your food

The dangers of cross contamination are always present in the kitchen. One way of avoiding this problem is to ensure that you use different chopping boards for different products. Use one for cutting bread and vegetables and use a separate board for cutting raw meat.


Keep you bathroom pristine

Always keep your lavatory clean after use and the same applies to the bath and shower. When possible give your bathroom walls a good clean, as bugs love to fester in the tile grouting or underneath a windowsill.


Be careful how you store your fresh meat

Unless you want your family to go down with a tummy bug, never store fresh uncooked meat on the same fridge shelf as cooked produce.


Take care when flying

If you’re using a plane to reach your holiday destination, you should be aware of a few simple guidelines that will help you protect your family. An article in The Daily Mail suggests that you should pack some anti-bacterial wipes just to rub over the tray table. According to flight attendant Sarah Keagle, these tables are ‘only cleaned about once a day.’


Build up your children’s resistance

Some exposure to germs can be beneficial. We all need to build up our immune systems; so if a friend has a cold, don’t wrap your child in cotton wool, let them play together.


Dust mites love carpets

One of the major causes of asthma is dust mites. If anyone in your family suffers from this condition, then it’s imperative you vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. Ideally, you’ll get rid of your carpets altogether, but that’s not always possible, so cleanliness is the next best thing.


Eat healthily

The government has long advocated that families eat more fruit and vegetables in order to increase the intake of beneficial vitamins. These valuable nutrients build up the immune system, make us more resilient to germs and are a healthy option to sugary or salty snacks.


Sharing is lovely – not among small children

Children love to share. Try to discourage your child from sharing their hair or toothbrush from an early age. Head lice are on the increase as are certain dental conditions and no one wants to share that type of dubious present.


An annual check up is a great idea

Don’t just visit your GP when you’re ill. In fact regular health check ups can ward off illness and might prevent a more serious condition developing.

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