Operation wedding dress!

Ok January is here which means 1 thing:


So with wedding 15 weeks away, dress fitting starting in about 4 weeks and the last 4 weeks have been spent indulging in far too much good food that means now its pretty much time for operation wedding dress.

I only have a couple of pounds to lose which is fine however I need to tackle the bloat and tone more than anything.

So starting today (no point starting on New Year’s Day!) its all about the diet and exercise.

Thankfully for me Daddy Vs Work has brought us a treadmill so I can get running again, not very far just a couple of miles a day to get the cardio going however I need to work on my abs.

I’m sure somewhere under the layer of fat they are still there so there are 2 things I need to tackle.

  1. My diet, I seriously can’t live on fizzy drinks, sweet and chocolate. It’s not good for the waistline or the skin. I’m not going all out cutting the lot out as it doesn’t work for me. I’m going to proportion myself a lot better with things.
  2. Exercise – I need to tackle the tummy with some toning exercises to help with the cardio.

Next week I will share an update post and if I’m feeling brave I’ll  share a before picture with my measurements as to where I am starting.

This isn’t a quick fix, its not a diet as such but a lifestyle change. One that wont happen overnight and one that won’t be an easy ride however its most certainly one I am planning on sticking to!


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