11 Months to go!

Ok, where did the last month to?!

I’ll be honest I’ve not really done that much on the wedding front but that is mainly as we are so organised.

As I mentioned in our 12 month post, we have already booked our venue. This one was a bit of a tough one as we considered our guest lists, location and all the bits that went with it.

Then it came down to whether we went for a stately home, a barn, or a marquee at a venue. I will probably revel a bit more of our venue in future posts, just not yet 🙂

This month I’ve been trying to tie down what sort of suits we’ll be hiring or what accessories I’ll be going for.

In terms of suits we have been considering hiring them just to keep the cost down, I’ve been looking on a site called Formally Yours but would love to hear your suggestions and recommendations.

With a tight budget it’s a fine line between getting the right look in our budget without having to make too many compromises.


This is something like what we are looking at but we’ve not made a final decision yet.

For me it’s all still up in the air! I found a gorgeous veil which matches my dress (can’t give too much away here!) but at £169 I’m not sure I can justify that sort of money, it is however gorgeous.

I do have one positive though, I think I’ve found my headpiece!


This gorgeous headband is from Glitzy Secrets and I just love it. It’s perfect for our theme too!

With lots of the big things booked I now have lots of the little items left to organise and time is ticking away.

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