Flying solo on a school trip

By the time your reading this Kayleigh would have been on her school trip and I’ll be anxiously waiting at the school gate for her to return.

She has been so excited for the last few weeks about the whole trip and unfortunately try as I might I’ve been struggling with the enthusiasm.


It’s her first solo trip without any family member by her side and it makes me nervous that I don’t have that someone I know by her side to make sure she’s safe.

I suppose for her its a little adventure, one where she gets to spread her wings and become a little girl.

Finding out new things, seeing the animals and just being a little girl with her friends.

I just worry, the world isn’t a safe and as her mum it’s my job to protect her and make sure she’s wise to the way of the world but also confident enough to fly on her own.

She’s growing up everyday before my eyes, growing not only in size but confidence and knowledge and I just want her to be confident in her own skin and abilities and let her inner beauty shine out through her gorgeous smile.

I know how determined (read that as stubborn) she can be and I also know that when her time comes to decide her career path she won’t let anything or anyone stop her from getting what she wants.

It’s definitely a learning journey and it’s one we are both on together.

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