Sibling love

Ive just spent the last 20 minutes or so just watching Kayleigh and Ethan playing and I will be honest the way they play is so much more caring and creative than I could ever of imagined.

When I was pregnant with Ethan I was worried about how Kayleigh would be with a sibling. She was only 20 months old when he can along so she was still a baby herself. I worried she would think I was replacing her or didn’t love her anymore but I shouldn’t have worried.

Kayleigh loved Ethan from the very start, not once did she really make a fuss about him being here, maybe she would snuggle up and talk like a baby for a bit of attention but that was about it.

Now they are the best of friends, playing together all the time like two mini tornados in my house. Chasing each other or shouting for each other to come find them. Ethans speech is still developing but she knows exactly what he wants and helps him.

But it’s the love between them that is amazing, they always cuddle or kiss each other. Kayleigh asks Ethan if he has had a nice sleep if he gets up after her. Ethan misses Kayleigh when I take her to preschool too, when I pick her up to go to preschool Ethan cries but Kayleigh beig the gorgeous big sister always gives him a kiss and cuddle telling him not to cry it will be ok, she’ll be back soon.

I should never of worried as they are perfect.

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