New Year – New Way of Living!

So with a new year approaching, it seems everyone is always making new year resolutions but never sticking to them. This year however is different.

This year I’m planning on making my new year resolution for the whole family. At the moment I cook most meals from scratch with the occasional ready-made sauce thrown in or the odd take away (see i have a sweet tooth thats why i bake!) Not anymore! Next year I want to learn to cook everything from scratch! I’m not silly I know I will take a while to master but I can make 5 different meals from scratch but that would be a tad boring over a week so I need to add to this but on top of this I really need to be a bit more inventive when it comes to lunch! Kayleigh is due to be starting preschool 5 afternoons a week in January having lunch there everyday I need to come up with something that’s exciting to eat everyday but still tasty and healthy.

At the same time we will still have our treats and naughty snacks but this is the start of something new! Also I have my slow cooker so I want to start using that a lot more too.

We will still be cooking on a budget so this should make it a bit more interesting!

Also another thing that is going to change is mine and my other half exercise… or lack of it at the moment! Planning on working out together on a regular basis. At the moment mine is Zumba on the Wii but I’m open to other ideas and suggestions.

So now you have it! You’ve heard our plan and now its in writing I cant back down!

So if you’re a blog reader/follower please come share your suggestions/ideas or just your well wishes! If you’re a company and want to get involved, drop me an e-mail (found on my contact me tab!)  🙂

Wish me luck as I may need it!

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