3 Date ideas for gamers

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Date ideas for gamers may have been something not really ever mentioned before. However, being a gamer is not an unusual thing nowadays, with more people gaming than ever. For years, gamers were seen to be youngsters, now more and more of the older generations are gaming.

I game a lot and at 35 and female, that might seem strange to some. There are lots of older gamers out there and for both Daddy Vs Work and me, it is a way to chill out and spend a little time out together. Gaming is such a huge market these days for people of all ages. Long gone are the stereotypical male 18-25 gamers. There are more female gamers and those who are older now playing and that is a good thing for everyone. Streaming has become more popular over recent years and from this lots of female gamers are coming out of the shadows to share their gaming style, it is a great social platform.

Did you know that many people actually meet their other half in games? That is not in that strange virtual dating world, but actually in the real world. Many games now have lots of social interactions, so gamers dating is actually really common.

If you are a gamer and are looking for date ideas for gamers, here are some of my favourite gamerdates suggestions on fun dates to have.

3 Date ideas for gamers

  • Have a gaming night – Do you have a favourite game you both enjoy playing? Why not get a takeaway in, stock up on the snacks and have a gaming night. If like us you are fans on MMO, why not head into a raid or battle that takes longer than you would usually have to commit to it. Make it a bit of a late-night where you can enjoy each others company whilst enjoying doing something you love.
  • Head to Comic-Con – Gamers and movie buffs alike look forward to one of the biggest gaming and film events in the UK calendar, Comic-Con. Now with everything that has happened over the last 14 months, it may have been on the back burner. Hopefully, though this year it will be back on. Why not head into London for a day out and surround yourself with like-minded people. With stalls, stars and exhibitions you will lose yourself in a day of full-on gaming experience!
  • Head away for the biggest event in the calendar – If you are able to, why not head abroad for one of the biggest gaming conventions there is BlizzCon. Heading over to California, you can have the most amazing trip that would combine your love for gaming and travel. If you play a lot of online games, it is likely you have a range of friends that you have met virtually but not in person. This would be the perfect opportunity to combine both your love of gaming and time together away from your everyday life.

Gaming isn’t something to be ashamed of, it is time to embrace it. After all, you may meet the love of your life through a joint passion for gaming. Sharing the same interests is a great way to build relationships and take them forward. Date ideas for gamers doesn’t need to be about sitting at a PC with your headset on ignoring each other. There are so many ways to interact when it comes to gaming, you can spend hours enjoying each others company before you even realise the time has passed. It just needs for you both to find that game that you both love to play and spend time with each other doing so.

3 Date ideas for gamers

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