Our weekly meal plan – 03/05/21

Happy bank holiday Monday and welcome back to our first weekly meal plan of May. It seems madness that we are in May already and I just can’t believe how fast this year is going. Just 2 1/2 months until we hit the summer holidays and are out of school for 6 weeks!

This week is week 5 of Slimming World and so far it has gone pretty well. Last week was the hardest week and I didn’t stick to plan as much as I could have done. Our last week’s meal plan did not always go to plan, but there is no point in us dwelling over that. We have just got to get going again and see how that goes. Both Daddy Vs Work and I have been eating fruit with yoghurt for breakfast and salads for lunches. This means we have been saving our syns for treats in the evening. It is the longest I have stuck to healthy eating and I have noticed that now my appetite has got a little smaller. I have a post coming up later this week with how we have found our journey so far, so if you have been considering joining, look out for that.

We are trying to cut out on food waste also, so I do find some times that I switch different meals in to save us wasting some veg for example. This is not just about the money though, I’m just trying to be a bit more thoughtful on what we have. I know we are fortunate to be able to put fresh food on the table daily, so I want to be a bit more grateful for what we have.

Here is our plan for our dinners this week:

Our weekly meal plan – 03/05/21


Ham and pea pasta – This is a Slimming World recipe and I am planning to use the extra gammon up for lunches over the next few days.

Tuesday –

Eggs, beans and tomatoes – We have this a few times a week, it is easy and delicious. So I am not complaining!

Wednesday –

Chicken fajita’s and sweet potato wedges – I’ll be having this without the wraps but it is just as delicious when you have it with sweet potato wedges.

Thursday –

Pasta with spinach and tomatoes – Delicious and ready in under 20 minutes.

Friday –

Takeaway – Friday nights are family time, we still enjoy a takeaway and a movie.

Saturday –

Chicken chow mein – Another recipe from Slimming World, is yummy and so filling.

Sunday –

Chilli con Carne – I plan to make a batch for the freezer, this is one of my favourite meals to batch cook.

It is a week of meals we have most enjoyed in the past with a few dishes that we have tried similar in the past. I am unsure as to how these will go down with the kids but I’m hoping they will be a bit more open-minded. We are still battling the fussy eating in this house and at times I do lose my patience on what to cook everyone. However, I have taken to some days creating a meal for us and the kids having something separate. I know this is not the way some people will approach fussy eating, however, after battling for years I have now learnt to pick my battles and make a weekly meal plan most of us will enjoy!

If you are after some more inspiration you can check our previous weekly meal plan here. Alternatively, why not check out our Pinterest boards here for more inspiration. If you have a family favourite, even the fussiest of eaters will eat, please share it in the comments below for a little inspiration!

Our weekly meal plan - 03/05/21

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