3 Ways to make your office space more inspiring

For me being able to work from home is such a blessing however my “office” space is a little section tucked away in our bedroom and it is not very inspiring. It is not like the ones you see on Instagram or Pinterest that’s for sure.

I do find some days that I struggle to be motivated due to the space I have to write, and I can’t wait till we get started on our building work. It will give us that little bit more space to get creative and gives us the chance to turn the office space into its own little area, plus making it more inviting!

If you are looking to start working from home or already do, here are my top 3 tips on making your office more inspirational:

  • Make space your own – If you have an office or space you call your office make it personal to you. Treat yourself to a nice bit of London office furniture for example that suits your style, get organised with filing trays for your paperwork. Whatever makes you comfortable working, get it sorted before you start.
  • Give yourself space – There is nothing worse than working in a cramped office space. If you have the space to do it try and allow your working space to include a place to write, a place to type and a little space for a good old cuppa! There are some gorgeous office desks out there that allow you to have this space but they also can fit into a variety of spaces in the home. You could always treat yourself to a pretty glass desk if you wanted to give the vision of space too.
  • Natural light – Lighting is so important to me around my desk, I hate using lights. It just gives you a dim glow which is not really ideal for your eyes if you are going to be working for a while. If there is space for you to be near a window that is great however if not why not get a daylight bulb for your desk lamp to help with your lighting.

Whatever your job is from home, making sure you are inspired and motivate to work is a key thing and I hope these few steps help you find that inspiration. 

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