*Review* Nostalgia Electrics Double Ice Cream Maker

*Review* Nostalgia Electrics Double Ice Cream Maker

As our summer holiday started, we were challenged by Find Me A Gift to make homemade ice cream as a family. As you can imagine, this was the best challenge ever for two children. Especially with the heat wave that swept over the country in the first few weeks of the summer.

To help us with our challenge Find Me A Gift kindly sent us the Nostalgia Electrics Double Ice Cream Maker to try out. Firstly we had to come up with a flavour to try and for us, this was tough as everyone wanted different flavours

Nostalgia Electrics Double Ice Cream Maker

Thankfully this clever little machine allows you to churn 2 different flavours at the same time! So if the household is divided, no need to fret you can make 2 flavours at once.

Now depending on whether you would like a soft churned ice cream or a more set ice cream the timings for making this yourself is not long at all. Freezing the canisters before you start lets it churn and soft set in about 30 minutes, for a more set consistency you need to then pop them in the freezer to allow them to set.Nostalgia Electrics Double Ice Cream Maker

We preferred the more set version of the ice cream however both were delicious.

Nostalgia Electrics Double Ice Cream Maker

Also unlike some machines that you buy and have no recipes to get you going, this machine is supplied with an instruction manual that includes some great recipes. We tried out the fresh strawberry ice cream which was amazing. Plus we also tried out a mint choc chip ice cream which the kids loved!

This video gives you a great overview of how the product works.


We were very impressed with this machine, it was easy to use and the instructions were clear to follow. There is no need to take up freezer space with tubs of ice creams etc either as we can now make whichever flavour we like!

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