30 days until I turn 30!

Eek there is just 30 days until I turn 30.

It doesn’t bother me actually turning the big 3-0! Not sure if the blow is softened by the fact we will be in Lanzarote or just the fact that age is just a number.

I did consider a few months ago about writing a “bucket list” of things to do before I reach 30 but I just couldn’t think of anything to put on it. Call it soppy if you like but I have everything I want and need under our little roof.

If I could change anything the only thing that would be is work. I would rather it be Daddy Vs Work and I work for ourselves from home rather than our current situation. We have been discussing our options hopefully in the next 12-18 months that may become more of a reality.

Everything else is just as I want it to be.

We have worked hard for what we’ve got and as I always tell the kids, we might not be financially rich we have all we need and we are rich with love.

Maybe that’s why going into my thirties isn’t an issue but with lots of exciting adventures ahead of ourselves I am looking forward to what it may bring.

One thing for sure, all I want for my birthday is a bit of sunshine, relaxation and dinner at my favourite restaurant in Lanzarote with my little family.

Bring on my 30’s!

Paula 30 days until I turn 30! 30 days until I turn 30! Paula Paula Paula

Paula & Phill, Barns Hotel Bedford Wedding, Jay Emme Photography

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