Dear Kayleigh and Ethan… another year at school done!

Dear Kayleigh and Ethan… another year at school done!

Dear Kayleigh and Ethan,

You are both so close to finishing your school year for 2015. What a year it has been!

School 2015

You’ve had a bit of a manic year with illnesses however you have both had a great time in your classes and come on leaps and bounds.

Kayleigh you have learnt to read fluently and are now reading everything you can, even the labels on food. You’ve also learnt to write and spell so much more than you could do before the start of the year. Your favourite thing is writing little notes to people.

Also this year you have started to learn to swim and also have been having tennis lessons.

You are a little social butterfly and have so many friends that you love to play and talk with. You never like seeing anyone on their own or upset as you think no one should be lonely.

Not only that you are fiercely competitive, you hate losing, even more so when you know you could have done better than you did in whatever it was you was doing. Sometimes it is a good things, other times it is hard to stop you being so tough on yourself. As you learn and develop hopefully you will keep some of that competitive streak in you to drive you to be the best you can but not so hard on you.

You are an amazingly talented little girl who has a special personality, just keep being you.

Ethan your first year at school has been especially hard on you as you picked up lots of bugs however through it all you’ve kept smiling and kept wanting to learn.

We had your parents evening this week and your teacher said you keep trying until you get it right. You just want it to be perfect even if it takes you a couple of attempts.

I was a little worried how you would find reception year with lots of children but you have loved it. You have lots of little friends you play with but as a typical boy it seems you can always be found with your friends playing football or playing hide and seek.

You are trying so hard with your reading and it is showing as you are now recognising words and are able to read your reading book every time you bring it home, if you don’t know your words you start to use your phonics to make sure you get the word right.

Most off the time you can be found with your doodle pad and pencils drawing up a monster or with your head stuck in the Lego box. Thought they are not your favourite of all time, this year you have taken up Warhammer 40k models like Daddy, you always want to play them with Daddy.

All you need to do is keep doing what you have been doing, your are determined and we know that your will do whatever you will need to reach your targets. You are our funny clever little boy, don’t let that change.

School 2015

Mummy and Daddy are super proud of everything you have done this year and proud of how you both adapt to everything that’s is thrown at you. ¬†We know the next year will be an adventure and harder for you both however we also know that you are more than capable of achieving big this year.

Hold your head up, believe you can and you will achieve.

We are right beside you holding your hand.

Lots of love

Mummy and Daddy


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