5 Healthy Habits to Give Your Kids

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All parents want the best for their children, but we all know that parenting is hard, and our kids often don’t understand the reasons we make the decisions for them that we do.

It’s a good idea to get your kids into healthy habits from a young age, as these lessons will last a lifetime.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then here are five healthy habits that you can instil in your little ones!

  • Active Play

Our children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day to remain healthy. Now, on the days that they have PE, they get this in school. However, it can be hard, especially on the weekend, to maintain this.

With the increased access to screens, it can be difficult to get our children up and about so try playing active games in your garden or in the park, perhaps kick a football around with them, or maybe play tag.

  • Look After Their Teeth

It’s important that you teach your children good oral hygiene, because unlike when they lose a baby tooth, if they lose an adult tooth, nothing is going to grow back in its place – so get them in the habit of brushing twice a day!

There’s also chance that your little could need braces down the road, so you’ll need to find a dentist that is good with children.

Braces can be a knock to a child’s self-esteem, so if the time does come then consider clear braces like those by Portman Clear Brace Group. Clear braces will give them a straighter smile without making them self-consciousness.

  • Regular Bedtimes

Not getting enough sleep can cause your children to develop serious health problems, as well as causing deficiencies in their attention spans.

Your little ones should get at least nine hours a night, and a regular routine will give them a sense of security.

Help them sleep easier by restricting screen time at least an hour before bed, instead trade their iPad for a book to settle them down for the night.

  • Positive Reinforcement

Praising your children for their good behaviour is far more effective than punishing them for misbehaviour, and it’s also far better for their mental health.

Think of how many times you catch them doing something wrong? Try to catch them doing something right and reward them for this!

Not only is more likely to increase the frequency of these good actions, but it will also help them feel noticed too!

  • Include Them in the Food Prep

Most kids are drawn to sweets and chocolate, sugar is usually far preferable to them then vegetables.

However, if you get them involved in the process of preparing healthy meals, they’ll be much more inclined to eat them.

Have them help with the food shop – we know that navigating a supermarket with a child in tow can be a nightmare, so this might not be one for every week – but either way, have them help you cook these healthy meals!

Do you have any advice for raising healthy youngsters? Share your tips in the comments below!