5 Ways to Get the Perfect Winter Garden

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Your garden is a significant part of your home. But when winter comes around, the creeping cold can often drive us swiftly back indoors, leaving us unable to make the most of that space all year round.

And even though it’s not quite winter yet, garden alterations can take time to implement, especially if you need to bring in a specialist! But if you get planning now, you can have your very own winter wonderland just in time for Christmas.

For a stylish and serviceable space you can enjoy even in the colder seasons, try out these five design tips.

  • Get Rid of Grass

The appeal of a picture-perfect manicured lawn epitomises suburban life for many.

Yet the problem with a grassy green is that as soon as winter rolls around, it transforms into a muddy mess that’s nigh impossible to maintain and makes your garden space instantly less inviting.

Trade your grass for paving slabs and have full access to your garden every day of the week.

5 Ways to Get the Perfect Winter Garden

  • Evergreen Plants

Our plant life might be flush and full in the spring and summer. But when the seasons change again, most plants don’t survive the winter.

Keep your garden looking green and healthy by planting some evergreens. Either pop down to your local garden centre, or shop around an online stockist such as Gardens4You to find foliage that will stay friendly all year.

  • Prune the Trees

Garden trees provide a nice natural shelter from the windy weather.

However, if they’re not healthy, they can be more hindrance than help.

Dead or dying branches pose a risk to the safety of your property and yourself – so put on your health and safety hat and look for potential hazards!

For smaller trees, you’ll likely be able to trim away any branches that look as though they might be on their way out. However, if your garden is home to a grand old oak, then you’re better off calling in a professional tree surgeon.

5 Ways to Get the Perfect Winter Garden

  • Add a Room

If you have the space, then consider adding a room to your garden… it’s a similar addition to a child’s Wendy house, just more wine friendly!

Whether you convert the shed into a home office or create a sheltered decking to while away winter evenings, it’s a great way to get out in the garden without having to be out in the cold.

  • Rendering

When our homes are left to the mercy of the elements, our exterior walls can end up looking battered and worn, ultimately causing damage to your property, and driving up your heating bills!

Rendering your home is a simple yet effective solution to weatherproof your home, and experts like Direct Building Products can advise on how to complete the job yourself.

This project may be best undertaken in the summer months, but when done right, will leave you home winter-ready for years to come.

Your garden is part of your home, and you should be able to make use of it 365 days of the year!

Tell us all about your winter garden designs in the comments below!