5 Home Improvement Tips for Winter

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This year has flown by and with winter rapidly approaching, it’s important to prepare your property for the harsher weather. Homeowners often struggle to keep on top of all the maintenance works that goes along with owning a property, however, it’s important to work on the DIY projects as and when they arise so that they don’t lead to expensive repairs. Here are five home improvement ideas to get you started:

  1. Add Insulation

While it’s not the most glamourous of jobs, insulating your loft is an eco-friendly option that will ensure your home is a comfortable temperature during winter. It should also reduce your heating bills. Heat rises and escapes through the roof, so the more insulation you have up there, the less likely you are to have to up the thermostat.

Another way to keep the heat in during winter is to draughtproof your doors and windows and ensure your windows have double glazing. This is also ideal if you live on a busy main road and want to block out some of the noise.

  1. Replace the Guttering

Of course, you’ll only need to replace your gutters if they are damaged, so be sure to give them a good inspection and clear them of any debris. Without decent drainage, rainwater will pool around your property, which the seeps into the soil, causes it to expand and puts pressure your on the foundations of the building. This can then lead to bigger problems, like cracks in the walls, patio and driveway, and leaks throughout the house.

  1. Add Some Colour

Winter can be a dark and dreary time of year, so try and add some colour around your home to keep your spirits high. You can do this by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint or just investing in some new cushions, curtains, and other soft furnishings to brighten things up. It’s likely that you will be spending an increased amount of time indoors over the next few months, so it’s important to ensure it’s a space you actually enjoy being in.

Mirrors are a great way to brighten up your home, as they bounce light around the room. Bold artwork, a colourful rug and plants are also potential options but be careful not to clutter the place up too much or it will feel cramped.

  1. Replace Your Lighting

During winter, you’ll be using your lighting a lot more regularly as it gets darker earlier in the day. With that said, it might be worth replacing your lightbulbs with LEDs, as they are more energy-efficient and therefore cost less to use. They tend to last longer too, which means they won’t have to be replaced as often.

  1. Secure Your Garden

There are lots of things in the garden that are not secure and can therefore blow around during windier weather, like your tools and furniture. If you don’t carefully stow these away for winter, they might cause damage to your fence or car. You should also do any last-minute maintenance in the garden, like fixing broken fence panels or cutting back overgrown trees, so that they don’t get worse or wreak havoc.

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