Is it ever too early to think ahead to the future?

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2020 has taught us a lot about ourselves, for me personally though, it has also made me reflect on our future. This has got me thinking though, is it ever too early to think ahead to the future?

I have learnt that we are very resilient and over time we learn to adapt. Over the last 7 months though, I have realised that life is too short to not take advantage of what you have in front of you. We had always had plans to retire early and make the most of it, both of us have worked since we were in school and haven’t stopped really since. Although we had planned this potentially happening, we never had any plans on how this was going to happen or even how we were going to get there.

Is it ever too early to think ahead to the future?

However, being at home for a long period of time has ignited those plans a little more and we have started to put into place a process on how we are going to get there.

The thing is, we just do not know what the future holds. Who would have thought that this year would turn out how it has? The only thing that I am certain of though, we will adapt the plans to make sure we get to where we have planned to. We can’t predict the future for our finances or our health, just ensure that we can amend those plans to suit them. For example, by the time we retire our health might not be as good as we plan, if that is the case then we will look at adapting our home to suit our needs. Age UK Mobility are a company that can come in and make adjustments to suit your needs.

Making the best of the situation

As we never know what our financial situation may be, we will make the best of the situation.

In an ideal world, we would sell up our home and downsize to free up some capital. This is all dependant on our mortgage situation and the housing market at this point. I have learn’t though, the only thing you can control is yourself. It is not worth stressing about things you can’t control in your life, just make the best of the situation.

If we are able to maintain our plans on the things we can control then there is no reason we can’t retire early.

Do you think it is too early to plan ahead for the future? I would love to know if 2020 has changed your plans in any way or even inspired you to look ahead to the future more!c

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