5 Spring Ready Garden Trends for 2018

The new year has commenced and winter is coming to an end, so it is time we wave goodbye to glum, dark mornings and welcome back our favourite songbirds in the fresh spring air with a few of the hottest garden trends for 2018.

When it comes to gardening trends of 2018 we know to expect two things – classic rustic charm combined with bright pops of petal power.

  1. Tidy Shed, Tidy Life

5 Spring Ready Garden Trends for 2018 5

In any outdoor space, organisation is key. But, how can you stay better organised than with a multi-use shed with cabinets and shelves perfect for storing all of the kids muddy wellies, bikes and footballs?

The Managing Director of The Posh Shed Company backed our ultimate hoarders claim by noting the surge in popularity for their multi-use sheds at the end of 2017, especially their Chelsea Shed.

He emphasised that as garden sizes become smaller, people’s demand for storage continues to increase!

  1. Subtly Solar

5 Spring Ready Garden Trends for 2018 2

There is no better way to enjoy the beautiful spring breeze than by camping out in the garden and setting up your very own outdoor cinematic experience that the kids as well as the adults can enjoy.

So grab your favourite Disney classic or heart warming rom-com, a couple of lawn chairs and pillows and some solar lights to set the perfect mood for the best cinema in the area!

Solar lights are the best way to create the perfect subtle mood in an outdoor space whilst being eco friendly, ensuring safety for the kids and cutting electricity costs!

  1. The Wabi-Sabi Japanese Warrior

5 Spring Ready Garden Trends for 2018 3

The biggest trend of 2018, in my opinion, has got to be the new embrace of Japanese art and culture with Add to dictionary. The aim of wabi-sabi art is to accept the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death to create an environment that is filled with purity and Mother Nature’s most natural imperfections.

  1. A Mediterranean Summer

5 Spring Ready Garden Trends for 2018 1

Despite the unpredictable and rainy British weather, the nation is embracing the Mediterranean lifestyle, with sales of garden furniture, accessories and barbecues soaring higher than any previous year.

Pair this Sika Evelyn Swing with a classic log fire and embrace its rustic charm while kicking back after a long day of running around the kids with a crisp, fresh glass of wine just as though you were laying on a Mediterranean beach.

Garden furniture is the best way to create a relaxing outdoor space that’s on trend and it’s a cosy way to spend your evening without having to worry about it getting ruined because wooden furniture is durable, safe, long lasting, offers easy storage, and is easy to maintain, making it ideal for families.

  1. Au Natural – Grow your own

5 Spring Ready Garden Trends for 2018 6

In 2017 Veganism became one of the fastest growing global lifestyle movements that many Brits decided to take on board and are now living much happier and healthier lives. Coupled with rising prices of food, especially for fruit and veg, many more people have now decided to start growing their own produce that is much more organic a lot more satisfying than just picking a bag of apples off an ASDA shelf!

So reign forth in 2018 by having nature’s most beautiful vibrant colours in your garden with your home grown tomatoes, potatoes, apples, strawberries, mint, coriander and any of your other favourite fruit, veggies and herbs!

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