How do you keep the holiday memories alive?

How do you keep the holiday memories alive?

Going on holiday is one of our little treats, we are lucky that we have been able to get abroad for our holidays since the kids are little.

However as it is a luxury for us that we are not always able to do we make sure we cram as much memory making activities as we can in that little period of time.

This could be from days out to just lazing in the pool or on the beach.

All the time I have my phone or camera capturing those moments in time, treasuring them forever. So what do you do with your pictures and film when you get home?

With so many of us using digital cameras and our phones to capture those memories, it seems such a shame for them to disappear in a black hole.

Whilst we were away in Cyprus I took the whole family down to a place called Sunset Point. Where we all managed to find somewhere to sit and watch the most gorgeous sunset.

With warming reds and oranges it really was magical and I was able to capture my favourite picture of the kids, on my phone.

How do you keep the holiday memories alive?

Even though I had my camera (forgot to charge the battery…), my phone was able to capture a moment that I will treasure forever. It would be a shame to let it just disappear.

There is so many ways you can display your memories and I was fortunate to be offered the chance to turn mine into a beautiful clock by Contrado. This is going to be taking pride of place in our new bedroom once they are done.

How do you keep the holiday memories alive?If you have any memories you want to show off, don’t leave them sitting on your phone or computer. Do something different with them, put them on canvas, on a clock or maybe even onto a cushion.

Be proud to show off these pictures and make the memory stand out a lifetime.

How do you keep the holiday memories alive?

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