5 Things to consider when moving your family to a new home

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Moving to a new home can be an exciting time, but, it can also be one of the most stressful times of your life too.

Throw into the mix trying to balance that with children, school and work, then the pressure levels can really ramp up. Aside from all the usual things you need to consider when moving such as deposits, legal things and fees, there is still a little more that you need to consider. These are more things to do with family life than legal!

I don’t know about anyone else but when it comes to family, it feels like we have a whole host of things to balance. Moving to a new home can bring lots of new challenges, some of which you can easily deal with and others that take maybe a little longer to sort out. Here are my tips on additional things to consider when moving home.

5 Things to consider when moving your family to a new home

5 Things to consider when moving to a new home

  • Schools – If you have children and are looking to move home, you need to think about the logistics of schools. Are you close enough to your new school or are you going to need to change schools for your child/children? Don’t leave this until after you move, you may find that the school you are moving to is oversubscribed and there is a waiting list, so the earlier you get your name down the better! Moving children in their school years can be a little disruptive to them but they are resilient and will cope with it as long as you are honest and they know it is coming!
  • Storage – When you start planning your move, it may be worth looking to store some of your packed items before you move. Living in a home that is not very big, whilst surrounded by boxes can be a nightmare, especially with kids and dogs. Places such as Now Storage self storage in Reading give you the chance to free up a little space whilst you wait for everything to be signed off on the move. It is also a great way to see if you really need some of the items you have. After all, if you can live with them in storage for a month or 2, do you need them when you get to your new home?!
  • Dentists & doctors – Again, like schools, places in dentists and doctors are limited. Start making plans when you are finalising your move for places for the whole family to be registered with healthcare professionals in your new area. If you are staying fairly local, you may be fine to stay where you are already.
  • Vets – Don’t forget the pets! For those of us with pets, making sure we are registered with a vet for our pets is super important. Normally this should be pretty straightforward for you.
  • Food – Why not make moving day a little easier and get yourself a quick food box ready to go, things that do not require a lot of effort and maybe even do not even require the oven. After a busy day moving, there is nothing wrong with a living room picnic for the family whilst you get used to your new surroundings.

No matter where you are moving to, your family will create new memories and adventures wherever you are. Just make sure that it is as simple as it can be though, so you can enjoy making some of those new memories over the first few months in your home. Also remember that a house is just bricks and mortar, it is the memories that make it a home!