Aims and goals – July 2021

Here we are, the first of the month has rolled around again and I am back with my aims and goals for July.

This month is a busy month all around for me, it is the end of term so not only am I tackling that as a parent but also as a school worker. The next 3 weeks are the busiest in the term and we literally do not stop during the day, it is almost like you are being thrown towards the finish line but have so many deadlines to meet at the same time.

Aims and goals - July 2021

Last year, July was the worse month for me in terms of blogging. Thankfully, as June has been terrible for me, I am hoping that July gets better! I have a plan in place to start getting a little organized and I am hoping that by sticking to that I will be able to work on growing the blogs without causing me too much extra stress and effort,

As always, we are going to recap on last month’s aims and goals and then head into the plans for this month.

Recap on aims and goals for June 2021

Personal goals –

  1. Get back on track with the healthier eating – Nope…
  2. Find a balance – Getting better, but still some way off where I want to be.
  3. Organise our finances – Nailed it! Remortgage has been completed and we are going to be able to overpay our mortgage a little more now.

Blog goals –

  1. Work on old content SEO – I did none, no excuses, I just need to be better with my time management.
  2. Increase paid work – Worse month ever here and it is my own fault. I think this may be the bit that those outsides of the blogging world don’t see and understand. Once you have a blog, no matter how established or popular it may be, if you stop blogging or take a break, the income does the same. You need to be consistent or you do not get the benefits from it.
  3. Get all the blogs scheduled – I am a day ahead, does that count!?

Aims and goals for July 2021

Personal goals –

  1. Get back to working out – Our life should start to settle down shortly so I would like to get back to working out, just a little every day to help me feel a bit better!
  2. Plan for some summer fun – We might not be about to have a normal summer holiday but if we could have some family fun that would be great, time to get planning.
  3. Try out some new recipes – I want to get back in the kitchen and cooking up some new recipes for us all to enjoy.

Blog goals –

  1. Get scheduled a month in advance – A big ask but I’m almost a week ahead already so not impossible.
  2. Make it my biggest ever month on earnings – Ok this one may be impossible but worth an attempt.
  3. Increase traffic on all blogs – I need to work on a few ways to do this so hopefully, I can keep focused on this one as the long term benefits are worth it to me.

I’ve lost my way a little lately. I have had a real wobble the last few weeks and am struggling to get motivated at the minute as I feel like I am failing everywhere. It will pass, there is just a lot going on at the minute and I am trying to juggle a lot of things.

Over the last few days, I’ve had a few chats with myself and got myself back on it ready to go again. Sometimes I just need a little pep talk to get past a tough point, it just helps me refocus and appreciate what things I already have. Life is not always easy and I have learnt most of the time to get on with it, one of my favourite quotes to say to myself is “suck it up buttercup”. Whining about things get you nowhere, just get on with it.

Now, let’s go smash July and enjoy the summer holidays when they roll around.

Aims and goals - July 2021

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