5 Ways to Cut your Cleaning Time in Half

We might be a house-proud nation but according to The Express, our five worst chores are cleaning the oven, ironing, cleaning the toilet, cleaning windows and cleaning the bathroom.

If you dread cleaning and find that you’re spending far too much time with the mop and not enough on your social life, you might want to hire a professional from Molly Maid to take the load off. Alternatively, below are some simple ways to cut your cleaning time in half:

Get organised with your cleaning supplies Preparing to clean can be half the job! Having all the cleaning products you need ready and waiting in a bucket or basket means you won’t waste any time walking back and forth to your cleaning cupboard. You could even invest in an apron that has compartments for your cloths and spray guns so all your products are at arm’s length. Alternatively, why not have your cleaning supplies dotted around the house? Have some supplies in the bathroom, some in the kitchen and keep your dusters in a draw near to the bedrooms. This way, you can take one room at a time and cleaning doesn’t have to become a major chore.

Speed-clean regularly

Cleaning more often than you usually do will cut down the time you spend on that major overhaul every few months. Once you’ve given your home a through deep-clean, it is important to give it a quick once-over every couple of weeks. Not only will it maintain your home and keep it feeling fresh, it will spare you the long job of doing several months’ worth of cleaning in one day.

Turn on the music According to the Huffington Post, playing music can cut your cleaning time in half. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that listening to music increased work output by almost seven per cent. For example, a song with 139 beats per minute, like in Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’, can actually make you move quicker, getting the job done in less time. So, put on some fun upbeat music, whistle while your work and see how much time you can save!

Clean up after yourself The most effective way to clean and organise your home is to get into the habit of putting things back when you have finished using them and cleaning up as you go. Rather than let things pile up and put off those dirty windows, that stained bed sheet or the pile of dishes, clean up straight away and as soon as you notice something starting to get dirty, sort it. Wipe up sinks, sweep up mess and tackle those stains as soon as possible. This will ultimately save you time in the long run.

Get the family involved Rather than taking on everything yourself, you can make things a lot easier and quicker by assigning each family member to a particular cleaning chore. Whether it’s dusting, vacuuming, taking the bins out or mopping the floors, all tasks can be shared, and the house will be cleaned in practically no time at all!

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