Why I don’t trust our goverment

A few weeks ago a news article popped up on my BBC app that made me so annoyed that I decided to share it on our Facebook page.

MP’s are to get a 9% payrise next year because ” they do an important job and should not be paid a “miserly amount””

Their pay will go up from £67,000 to £74,000 under Ipsa’s plan.

First question, hands up who got a 9% payrise this year or is getting one next year?


Ok what about hands up who’s had a payrise lately?

Not many I doubt.

Now the first thing that came out of the friendly debate was as I refuse to vote (more on that later) I couldn’t really complain, however I’m sure many of our followers that do vote and work for the public sector etc would agree that even voting doesn’t mean they get an opinion on the payrise.

How many emergency services staff get paid just half of that salary for saving lives everyday or those who put their lives on the line to protect ours?

But don’t worry as the MP’s that sit in office everyday after claiming expenses to get there plus their stationary and whatever else deserve more than a miserly £67,000 a year.

Of course they do.

I mean so many family survive on more than that when both parents work full time… oh no wait…. no we don’t….

We don’t even take home 2/3 of their salary together!

Last year the MP’s staff salary, accommodation and travel cost the tax payers over £103 million pounds. Some of them even employee their wifes/husbands on £40,000 a year salary… bet providing for their families gets tough….

See what really gets me about this though is that they all get away with it.

Our former local MP got found guilty of 21 counts of fraud totalling £53,000 but walked away as she is too depressed to be sentenced, her criminal record is even clean. She’s a broken women apparently, obviously her £64,000 salary wasn’t enough.

I think maybe she needs to come back to Luton and talk to a few families here losing their homes due to redundancies and the recession or those working every hour under the sun to keep a roof over their families heads. Then she’d under stand what it means to be broken.

Working to provide and its never enough yet they earn more than most households and still take more.

This is why I don’t vote.

They are all full of poop, dishonest and only have one concern each, their own bank balances.


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