5 Ways To Ensure You Never Forget Your Wonderful Trip Away

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5 Ways To Ensure You Never Forget Your Wonderful Trip Away


Vacations, for most of us, don’t come around all that often – especially with this COVID-19 pandemic circulating. If you’re in quite a sticky situation with your money, then they may not even come around at all. That’s why, when you do get the chance to fly away to another part of the planet, you should truly cherish it because it may not come around again.

The idea of enjoying something to the fullest never seems like such a hassle as it tends to come naturally to us. What we’re not collectively great at is remembering all the fine details of situations. Years after an event, we might luckily recall something tucked in our memories after reminiscing, but a lot of past events tend to stay locked away and forgotten about forever. It’s not the best thing that our brains do!

So, when it comes to potential holidays abroad that should contain amazing memories, you’re going to want to log them down in the memory bank as vividly and as tightly as possible. How can you do that, though? Well, there are a bunch of ways – here are some ideas for you to indulge in:

Keep A Journal

Writing about your experiences is an intimate and personal practice. You get to describe exactly what you did and how it made you feel personally. Nobody can take away your feelings. Another beautiful thing about writing down your experiences in that you can look back at it one day and follow everything along like a story – you get to almost relive the experience.

Use Social Media

This won’t exactly be the most popular thing to do, but it is a very easily accessible method creating content and storing it for a very long time. When people go away, they often post on the likes of Instagram and Facebook. Some do it in order to share with others; some do it to use it as an album to look back on.

Take Lots Of Photos, Of Course! 

Bring your camera(s) and be sure to take as many snaps as possible. We’ve mentioned using social media to store things like photos, but what about if you don’t have an account or just aren’t as interested in smartphones or tablets? Taking a photo and sticking it in a silver photo frame would be just as good, and it will be more tangible.

Do Significant And Challenging Things

When you do the same, boring things over and over again, you tend not to remember them as they don’t stand out. Why not try doing different things each day you’re away? Try something that scares you or something that would seem like a real challenge at first. One thing’s for sure: you definitely won’t forget those days!

Get A Tattoo! 

This idea won’t be for everyone, but it’s something a lot of people do. This kind of behaviour is synonymous with drunken holidays on party islands, but it doesn’t have to be like that. A tattoo is a big commitment and, if you feel as though a big part of you lies with a particular trip away, then a tattoo would be a great way to mark it.