6 Things To Make Your Garden Party A Success

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As soon as the weather changes, the thought of spending more time in the garden slowly begins to creep in and what better way to do so than with your friends and family? The best way to do so is to host a party in your outdoor space.

The following is a quick list of how to make the best of your garden party with some tried and tested garden party essentials.

Being Mindful Of Your Alcohol

Regarding health, an element to bear in mind is the calorie content within your alcohol. Choosing the likes of brands such as Tennents Light which have lower calorie content, can be a great option for any guests attending that may have to be mindful of what they consume.

Although the given mindset is that alcohol should be present to help truly make your party fun, it may be that you would rather the get-together was a quieter affair. Many alcohol-free beers and wines will taste just as great whilst ensuring that your guests can legally drive themselves home once the night has ended.

Hire In Local Catering

A great way to level up any garden party or get-together is to hire local catering to provide food for all your guests. The cost associated with the ingredients and the time you’d have to spend making all the food alone may be significantly lower if you pay someone else to do this for you.

Many local catering companies, restaurants or cafes can provide this service. You can also specify any food preferences or dietary requirements whilst ensuring that the food you order tastes great!

Nothing is worse than trying an untested recipe ahead of your big party and finding out on the day it does not taste as good as you thought it would. Or far worse yet, having a total kitchen disaster results in no food for your guests. For this reason, hiring outside help and support can make all the difference.

Bring Your Dining Table Outside

It may be tempting to use your garden furniture for all your guests to sit around, but what if you left your furniture sitting outside at the mercy of all the elements? The best thing to do is not to leave it all to chance, hoping your table doesn’t collapse under the weight of a few glasses and plates. Bring out your dining table outside. You’re guaranteed no table breakages with your tried and tested home furniture.

Don’t forget to add an outdoor rug to allow guests to relax and take their shoes off! It is not recommended that you use your home rug for this; instead, you use an outdoor rug for this, as you do not want to bring any outside dirt into your home.

Many outdoor rugs have a waterproof underside and are made with easy-to-clean materials to allow for durability and continuous outside use, despite the underfoot conditions.

Create A Photo Zone

Your garden party will be one occasion you will want to remember, which is why creating a photo zone will be a great personal experience that will allow you to do so in a special way.

You can do this by draping a few fun tapestries against your fence, creating a flower wall or even stringing a few balloons together to hang between a few trees. The possibilities are endless, with even the simplest ideas working well. You can also add a few fun props for your guests to pose with!

Why not add disposable cameras for your guests to use throughout the night, with the anticipation and wait of having to go to get your photos developed, adding an element of extra fun. Who doesn’t want to reminisce about the good times after a few weeks?

Set Up Plenty Of Lighting

Your garden party will most likely start during the day; why not take advantage of any warm weather you may be experiencing? It would help if you also were mindful that your garden party might continue well into the night.

Therefore be sure to add plenty of lighting for when the sun sets. This can be as simple as stringing a few fairy lights across the table, adding some candles around you for that intimate feel or relying on any solar-powered garden lights to switch on once the light fades.

A great group activity can also light a cosy fire for everyone to gather around. You can even toast some marshmallows on sticks around it, providing a sweet late-night snack for everyone. Don’t forget to add some pillows and blankets to keep everyone warm and comfortable, to get everyone to stay even longer.