Birthday Experiences For Him (UK Edition)

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Is it coming up to a special time for your significant other, be that your boyfriend or husband? Sometimes the gift of an experience can have a more lasting impact than buying a physical gift, which is always more welcome when celebrating any special milestone birthday occasion.

When it comes to the UK, we have so many opportunities to have cool experiences, be that visiting new cities, seeing any touring artists or even just taking the time to visit a great restaurant. Therefore, when choosing a birthday experience for your significant other, the only issue you may have is deciding which experience to choose from.

Book Them A Table At A Taproom

Is there anything better for your husband if he loves to drink beer? A trip to a Taproom with just yourself or a group of friends can be the perfect birthday experience. He might be too used to anything offered at your local pub, so it might be time for him to try some new beers.

It may also be a great idea to book a table at a taproom in another city to make a trip out of it! There are many established and exciting taprooms around the UK, such as the Innis & Gunn Glasgow Taproom situated in the West End of Glasgow. This will allow your significant other to experience another type of beer within it, helping create wonderful memories of their birthday.

When In Doubt…Golf

If your husband is an avid golfer, why not buy him some time at another golf course? This experience is perfect for helping him get even better at this sport by trying new terrain and layout outside of what he may be used to playing.

Even if they have never played golf before, paying for a day to try the sport at a golf course can be a great idea. Many golf courses are situated around beautiful outdoor locations such as beaches or nature parks, with the greenery of the pitch maintained to an excellent standard.

The golfing culture is also a very relaxing and friendly environment, with many players making friends through membership. This may be a perfect and unexpected new hobby for your husband.

Get Them Tickets To Something They Love


You’ll know your husband more than anyone in the world, so why not check to see if any of his favourite musicians or bands are touring your city? There may also be a festival with several artists he enjoys on the one bill. Alternatively, there may be comedians doing a tour within your city that may be more up his street.

Ultimately, there are many different types of events that you can buy tickets for, such as theatre shows, circus shows or even more specific hobby-related shows. Maybe a car rally is happening in your town or nearby that you know your husband will love?

If you cannot get tickets to your desired event due to the tickets selling out, always be sure to check any resale websites nearer the time. There may be people who cannot attend at the last minute and may sell their tickets at a discounted price. A good way to secure resale tickets is to check the social media event pages of the event where many people choose to sell their tickets.

A Dinner And A Movie

Although this is a classic date night idea, your husband could potentially appreciate choosing to go to your usual local restaurant and a trip to the cinema to see a new film. Alternatively, if you want to save a little money, you could order dinner and choose a film on your television. In the end, what matters is spending some quality time together, and that does not always require you to spend a huge amount of money.

Schedule In Some Alone Time

Life can get really busy, particularly when you have kids in the home that you both also have to take care of. Whereas spending time together as a family can be great, scheduling some alone time as a married couple is equally as important. This allows you to spend time reconnecting with your significant other without the need to parent constantly. Why not ask a family member, trusted friend or babysitter to look after your kids for some time?

Book A Holiday Away

This is probably the most expensive suggestion on this list. However, it doesn’t have to be. There are many different ways to take a holiday, whether you are choosing to have a staycation in the UK, travelling to a nearby city for a night or booking a package holiday abroad. You could even turn his birthday into a great opportunity to have a week-long family holiday around it!