Aims and goals – August 2021

Here we are again, we are back for another aims and goals post for August.

July has just gone in the blink of an eye before I even had a chance to look back at what I had done or not done.

It wasn’t my best month all around, there is a lot going on away from the blog and in our personal life, I just managed to keep it all together. Well, most of the time…I ended up needing to take a step back and digest a little of what was going on around me. Now I’ve had time to think about things, I am ready to go again.

Of course, this has already had an impact on July but there is no point in hanging on to what has already happened. I can only focus on what is coming up.

Let’s start by recapping what happened last month.

Recap on aims and goals for July 2021

Personal goals –

  1. Get back to working out – Nope, not even worth trying to find an excuse either, just did not happen.
  2. Plan for some summer fun – No plans made yet, but we are going to take a few days out.
  3. Try out some new recipes – Yes we have, they have had a few. Mix reviews but we tried.

Blog goals –

  1. Get scheduled a month in advance – Hooray, one I have actually achieved!  It was a bit of a slog but we got there in the end.
  2. Make it my biggest ever month on earnings – This did not happen but it is ok, I had other things that took priority.
  3. Increase traffic on all blogs – Not really happened, but things like this need time and effort put in, which I did neither.

Aims and goals for August 2021

Personal goals –

  1. Take time out – The out of office is on and the blog is scheduled in advance. I am going to take a little time off to just give myself a break.
  2. Get back onto Slimming World – I was doing so well at Slimming World, then got lazy with it all when life got tough. We need to get back into it for our own health. Whilst we were following the plan, I felt so much better.
  3. Have a few days out – We might not have a big budget of late but a few days out we can squeeze in somewhere.

Blog goals –

  1. Get my travel blog up and running properly – I want to get my travel blog scheduled up and ready to go over the summer.
  2. Plan for September – Work is going to be really busy in September as the schools reopen, so the plan is to have a plan for the blogs ready to go! In fact, I should be ahead of myself anyway which will make the time a little easier.
  3. Work on multiple sources of income – The blogs are a good source of income for us, one I am using to pay the kid’s school trip off with! However, if you don’t put the work in, you do not get the rewards. I need to work on getting more work in on the blog by building the blogs.

I am not going to lie, July was tough for so many reasons and it was reflected in how work has gone. However, I can’t keep making excuses on why things are not going the way I planned. If I did, there would always be a reason for things not even getting completed.

Over the coming weeks, I am going to just need to focus and get things sorted, if we are going to reach our long term goals!

Aims and goals - August 2021

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