Aims and goals – July 2020

Aims and goals – July 2020

Just like that, another month has rolled by in a blink of an eye. I started writing my goals again in a post last month, as a way to make myself a little more focused and accountable.

June was a busy month and I am starting to count down the days until the summer holidays. Trying to combine work, homeschooling and everything else on my goals list has been a bit of a battle and I’ve found there have been times where I just want to sit and do nothing. However, I just can’t switch off when I do this so I find myself battling on!

Before I share my goals for July, I just want to recap on how I got on in June.

Recap on goals for June 2020

Personal goals –

  1. Get back to working out – Getting there with this, I would like to add a couple of more workouts to complete this a bit better.
  2. Stream consistently – I have been streaming more regularly and this is paying off as my stats are improving slowly.
  3. Eat a little better – Nope… I need to get back on this.

Blog goals –

  1. Blog consistently – I’ve been a bit better however still not at the level I want to so need to get onto this again.
  2. Get a 3rd blog up and running – Completed, my third blog is now up and running.
  3. Increase traffic on my blogs by 10% – I did nothing on this last month, it is on my summer to-do list.

Overall June was a bit of mix bag really, I can’t complain I have achieved a lot. There is just so much more to do! So with more to do here are my goals for this month.

Goals for July 2020

Personal goals –

  1. Work out more consistently – Time to get back onto working out more consistently.
  2. Take time out – I need to start taking a  bit more time out for myself, not to do anything specific but to not feel guilty about taking time out!
  3. Try out some new family meals – We are going to be off work/school soon so I would like to make sure we take advantage of this and start trying out some new recipes.

Blog goals –

  1. Get scheduled up – Need to start getting on with my to-do list, would like to schedule some posts up in advance so I can give myself a bit of a break.
  2. Increase my 2 new blogs social media – They are babies compared to my new blog so I need to get them out there a bit more!
  3. Increase my DA – I know this is not a quick fix but I would like to increase all the blogs DAs.

I think the way I can achieve all of this is simply by working my way through my to-do list as a best I can in the coming weeks, I am feeling a bit more positive this month and I am sure I can achieve them all.

Aims and goals July 2020

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