Our weekly meal plan – 06/07/20

Our weekly meal plan – 06/07/20

Good evening and welcome back to another late meal plan, at least it is on the right day I suppose.

We are going for a few classic family meals alongside a new dish and hopefully if the weather play’s ball even that BBQ I’ve been trying to have for the last few weeks. Our weather has been pretty hit and miss over the last few weeks so I never know if I should be cooking winter warmers or summer salads!

I am not sure about anyone else but I am ready for the summer break, I just need to have a bit of a break from it all. We are at a point where we just can not keep up with the home education, working and so many other bits, I know we won’t be going anywhere during the summer however a break from routine is very much needed. For now though, here is what we are cooking this week.

Our meal plan – 06/07/20

Monday –

Pizza – Easy and quick.

Tuesday –

Chicken curry – I have a portion in the freezer, so this is simple.

Wednesday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – Again another easy one as it is in the freezer currently.

Thursday –

Keema curry – Another freezer portion coming up. I’m trying to clear out a bit of space in our freezer this week and give myself a bit of break when it comes to dinners.

Friday –

Homemade chicken pie – I have not made this for a while so looking forward to it.

Saturday –

BBQ – Fingers crossed the weather plays fair this week.


Minced Beef Hotpot – I came across this recipe on Slimming Eats recently and thought it would be the perfect family meal. I can’t wait to give this a go.

If you are after some more inspiration you can check our previous weekly meal plan here. Alternatively, why not check out our Pinterest boards here for more inspiration. If you have a family favourite, even the fussiest of eaters will eat, please share it in the comments below for a little inspiration!

Our weekly meal plan - 06/07/20

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