Aims and goals – July 2022

It has been a month since I sat down and wrote out my aims for June and then life happened and it all got a little busy. The plan was the aims and goals would give me a little focus but with so much going on I felt as though I had lost that a little.

I am going to try again this month but every day I’m planning to take a little time out to focus, and remind myself what the plans are and where I need to focus my energy for that day. It is pretty simple that I cannot split myself in all the directions at the same time that I need to be, so I’m hoping a little shift in the focus will help.

Anyway, let’s start with a quick round-up of last month’s aims and goals and then get on with setting this month!

Recap on the aims and goals for June 2022 –

Personal goals –

  • Lose 6lb – I did really well last month on Slimming World and lost 9.5lb in June. I have not been as focused lately but this week got back on it properly and will continue to do so. Once I reach the target, I am hoping the better habits have become easier so I can stick to it without following the diet!
  • Finish some of the garden and order the next stage – Completed, this week we should have the delivery for the final tier, hooray the end is in sight.
  • Clear £500 off the debt – Completed, though this month I would like to achieve more!

Blog goals –

  • Blog weekly on all blogs – Almost, well I started off well and then it went downhill!
  • Plan some content – Didn’t even start this.
  • Get 2 weeks ahead – Nowhere near.

It was a bit of a mixed bag last month and I genuinely believe this is down to me trying to spread myself too thin rather than focusing on small sections as I go along. This month I am going to try tackle things, little by little.

Let’s see what the goals are this month.

Aims and goals for July 2022 –

Personal goals –

  • Lose 6lb – I am hoping to carry on my weight loss this month on Slimming World as I look to get back to a weight that I am comfortable with. The summer is coming and I would love to be able to get back into some of my summer clothes!
  • Plan for summer relaxation – The summer holidays are nearly here, I want to plan some time out to relax as a family.
  • Clear £1000 off the debt – This is ambitious but I am desperate to be able to move in the next few years so we are chunking away at the debt and mortgage to make this happen!

Blog goals –

  • Blog more regularly – I really would like to get back into blogging more but have hit a bit
  • Plan the blog birthday giveaways and launch – It is another year down in the blogging world for me this year so I need to get organised with the giveaways!
  • Get 2 weeks ahead – With the summer break coming up, I really want to get into better habits of blogging and get a few weeks ahead, then over the summer, I can smash out the posts and hopefully get myself organised for the rest of the year.

This month is all about finding that pattern when it comes to my aims and goals. I want to use this to my advantage and make sure that I can achieve things without feeling overwhelmed by just how much needs to be done.

Let’s hope that July is a good month and things start to come together!

Aims and goals - July 2022

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