Aims and goals – June 2022

It has been a while since I wrote an aims and goals post, I made a decision at the beginning of the year that they were not really helping and putting a bit too much pressure on me. However, after just bobbing along for the first 5 months of the year, I really need to get myself more focused as there are still lots of things I would like to achieve.

Over the last few months, the blogs have taken a real back burner on things and it has shown, that everything is on the decline. So it is time to stop the rot and get back on it all!

The first few months have been busy and we have achieved lots of things, but there is just so much more I would like to achieve too, so let’s get on with setting those goals!

Aims and goals for June 2022

Personal goals –

  • Lose 6lb – I am back on Slimming World and have a goal in mind for the end of the summer, this is not about what you see in the media about ideal weights or what people should look like. This is about me being happy in my skin and I just want to lose a little weight and tone up. Plus I am refusing to buy any new clothes when I have some lovely ones to get into already! Previously I have done the online version and this has worked well but I am now trying out the group version of it.
  • Finish some of the garden and order the next stage – We have been cracking through our garden over the last few months, it has been physically and financially draining but we are determined to see it out this year. I want to be ready to go with the next stage of the garden as soon as we can.
  • Clear £500 off the debt – As well as smashing through the garden, we are also still cracking on with becoming debt-free, the sooner we do it the better so I want to get another £500 taken off the outstanding amount by the end of the month. This will be done from blog income and other things such as cashback withdrawals and sales if we have anything we can clear out of the house.

Blog goals –

  • Blog weekly on all blogs – I need to make sure that there is content on all blogs, this includes Daddy Vs Work’s blogs! We have both gotten a little lazy over the last few months and just let them do their thing, however, we need to get back into the swing of it and make them work for us again.
  • Plan some content – One of my plans was to get a schedule of content ready, so I knew what would be coming up and have content planned. It never really happened but I would like to start looking ahead and getting some of the content plans rolling.
  • Get 2 weeks ahead – If I can get it done, I would like to get 2 weeks ahead on the blogs where possible, there was once a time when I was even 4 weeks ahead! It just eases the pressure should things not go to plan on a day. It is a big ask but I am going to try and plan 2-3 posts a day for the next few weeks to get it started.

There are some pretty big goals in there that are going to need a little bit of focus to get through, I am not expecting them to be easy or quick but I need to get back to being focused and on track so we can actually get to where we want to go.

Do you set yourself any aims and goals each month to help you stay on track?


Aims and goals - June 2022

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