Aims and goals – October 2020

Hello October, time is flying by and it is already time for another aims and goals post for me.

For the first time ever I actually looked back at my goals for September and felt like I had achieved a lot. This is not to say on a normal month I am lazy, it was just that my time off in August allowed me to focus a bit more. As always I am going to recap the goals for the previous month then look forward to what this month might bring.

Recap on Goals for September 2020

Personal goals –

  1. Get into a routine – Nailed it! Granted it has been hard work but we have been out of the house and organised on time most of the month.
  2. Increase the stream stats – Not so much, I have taken a break from streaming as I tried to balance out the blogs, work and family.
  3. Take time out – We have done this, we binged watched Lucifer and have been just chilling out.

Blog goals –

  1. Schedule further in advance – I am now a month in advance on most of my blog posts which is amazing, it just means I know my blog will have regular content heading out.
  2. Get Halloween and Christmas content started – Done, I have started to schedule this on all my blogs.
  3. Stay in control – Also done, I have a clear focus at the minute of where I want to get to so I am

September went well and although I didn’t complete everything I felt like the focus I put in on the ones that were completed, paid off.

Now to October, things are going to need to be a little more flexible as we are in a full routine now of school but I think it is going to be another good month!

Goals for September 2020

Personal goals –

  1. Stick to the routine – I’ve found a new routine of getting up at 5 am during the week to blog and get ready for the day. It worked well as it meant in the evening I could relax as I was knackered after returning to work. Over the coming weeks, I want to stick with this wake-up call, even though it will be tough as it is getting colder and darker!
  2. Get some new meals into the meal plan – I find it easier to try out new meals as the winter rolls in, not sure if this is just because it is cooler so I don’t mind being in the kitchen or because people are more likely to eat as they like the comfort of food in the winter, I know I do!
  3. Do a little more baking – It’s been a while since I’ve tried to bake a new recipe so I want to get back in the kitchen and give it a go.

Blog goals –

  1. Hit my blog earning goals – I have lots of goals going on at the minute that push me each month, one of these is increasing my income from my blog and I want to make sure I hit that this month.
  2. Stay scheduled at least 4 weeks – Over the summer lots of work was put in on getting to this point and I want to make sure I continue.
  3. Start working on traffic – I want to look at the traffic to my site and start improving it, little by little.

These goals are here to push me but are achievable. I can’t wait to get going on these as the last few months my priorities have shifted and I feel motivated to get things ticked off. Do you set yourself any aims and goals each month?

Aims and goals for October 2020

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