The Easiest Ways To Keep your Dog Happy

The Easiest Ways To Keep your Dog Happy

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You are a blessed person if you get to own your own dog, but you need to think about how you can make your dog as happy as possible. Sure, you can make sure he has a bed, the right food and regular walks, but what else could you be doing to keep an eye on his happiness?

Dogs need as much emotional support from you as you do from them, and if you want to keep your little (or big!) boy happy, here are some of the easiest ways to do it

The Easiest Ways To Keep your Dog Happy

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7 Ways To Keep your Dog Happy

1 – Shower With Gifts

Dogs deserve a treat as much as you do and these dog gifts are the perfect way to shower him in new gifts that will ensure that he is feeling great, has something to look forward to and you can show how much you love him. Gifts are the nicest thing to give a dog as much as they are to give a human.

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2 – Engage With Hide And Seek

How much do dogs love to hide? Well, try and play hide and seek with your dog and watch how excited he gets! Dogs absolutely love to be engaged in play and indoor games such as hide and seek give them a huge boost of happiness. They like to feel like they’ve done a good job by being able to find you. It’s a great way to teach them how to find you in a dangerous situation, too.

3 – Go For A Mega Walk

Going for a daily walk makes your dog happy, so why not upgrade this to a hike? You can really exert your dog with physical exercise, and if you take your dog for a trail walk you get as much out of it as he does. The change in scenery is exciting for your pooch, and you can start with smaller hikes before you graduate to huge hill walks.

4 – Invest In A Food Dispenser

Those food dispensers are excellent when it comes to entertainment for your dog. The treat dispensers act as a game for them to play and get their treats and it adds some mental stimulation to their day. This will help for dogs with problem behaviour, too, as it helps them to concentrate and learn some patience.

5 – Go To A Puppy Class

Even the bigger dogs can learn some new tricks. It’s a myth that older dogs won’t learn from you, especially as you can teach your dog tricks such as leg weaving and hoop jumping! All it takes is a little patience on your behalf.

6 – Make Homemade Treats

Dogs love treats as much as you do, but there are some junk options out there for your dog that he really doesn’t need. With these homemade puppy cupcake recipes, you can create something delicious purely for your dog to enjoy!

7 – Cuddle!

The best thing to do with your dog above everything else is just to snuggle up. Dogs love human contact. It builds trust and companionship, too.

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