Aims and goals – October 2021

Here we go, we are heading into the last quarter of the year and it is time for another aim and goals post, this time for October. I don’t know what has happened this year, it feels like yesterday it was Christmas and New Year and now we are here we are in October!

September has been more of a challenge than I thought it would be, the schools returned, work has been busy and then there has been so much else going on. Somehow though, despite feeling like I am living in chaos for a bit, things have however been completed and I did achieve some of the aims.

Let’s see just how I got on in September and what the plans are for this month.

Recap on aims and goals for September 2021

Personal goals –

  1. Make sure I take time out – I did have some time out but not as much as I would have liked.
  2. Stick to healthy eating – Nope…
  3. Pay the kids trip off – Hooray, this is all completed.

Blog goals –

  1. Get 6 weeks ahead – I’m about 3 weeks ahead now, life was busy and I found it difficult to get motivated, but I need to get back to it.
  2. Work on SEO – I’ve not started this one.
  3. Think about Christmas – I have got my Christmas competitions ready to go

Aims and goals - October 2021

Aims and goals for October 2021

Personal goals –

  1. Take 2 days off a week – By days off I mean from my blog, so this could be evenings or weekends. Just need to have time away from my PC.
  2. Start planning for Christmas – I love Christmas and I love planning for it more than anything! This year I want to get organised a little earlier so I can enjoy December!
  3. Try out a few new recipes – With Autumn being here, I would like to give a few new dishes a runout and see how they go.

Blog goals –

  1. Plan the new year content – With so many blogs, I want to try and start planning ahead. There are always ideas and plans floating around but I never get very far with them.
  2. Build on the success of the blogs – My main blog does well with many areas of blogging and the plan is to replicate this on the other blogs.
  3. Make more money – The goal always was with some blogs to use them to make money. I would love to move in the next few years and every penny I can throw at it helps.

The last month has been busy and by the time I get home in the evenings, I am not really in the mood to do that much. This has impacted so many areas such as cooking dinner, relaxing, walking, and blogging.

I think I may have reached a level of burnout and I’m hoping with a little shift in the approach I will be able to find that balance again. During the summer holiday break, I was really enjoying blogging and having that balance between blogging and family time. When you add in a full-time job, that balance isn’t so great and it becomes a bit of a stretch on timing.

With me, I always find it hard to focus on things when there is so much going on. It just feels like I am on a constant rollercoaster trying to get some control on life at times and when it gets to this point I can’t focus. I am jumping from one job to the next but not really completing anything in between. There just needs to be some happy medium brought back into my life so I can get control of everything that is maybe a little wild at the minute!

Aims and goals - October 2021

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