Aims and goals – September 2020

Hello the 1st September, where did you come from?! I can’t believe I am sitting down to write up my aims and goals for the 1st September already.

August was a lazy month, to be honest, I didn’t smash my aims and goals, however, they were not a complete flop either which is good. I write these goals to give me something to focus on when it comes to personal life and blog, otherwise, with so much going on I have found I just tend to drift!

As always, I am going to recap my August goals and then move into my September goals.

Recap on Goals for August 2020

Personal goals –

  1. Spend more time as a family – There were times we spent more time together however this can still be improved, especially as we are not going to be together during the day anymore due to work and school.
  2. Make the most of the summer holidays – We had the laziest holiday going, however, it was perfect. We did what we fancied when we fancied it with no stress! Though now we are so relaxed, getting back into a routine is going to be tough!
  3. Get better sleep – My sleep has been a bit all over the place still, but it is better than it was!

Blog goals –

  1. Schedule further in advance – I am now at least 2 weeks in advance, some times more and it feels good!
  2. Work on SEO – Didn’t really do much on this at all.
  3. Line up some collaborations – I had work coming through on my blog so didn’t really pitch for any work, however hoping to change this going forward.
  4. Learn more about Pinterest – No work was done on this at all!

Although I was busy on bits of the blog, August was a well-deserved break from routines and expectations. I am going to be ramping it up a bit now though with the blogs as I get ready for Christmas!

Goals for September 2020

Personal goals –

  1. Get into a routine – To be honest, I’m just aiming to be out of the house on time that first day back! As we return to school though we need to get back into a proper routine in our house.
  2. Increase the stream stats – My stream is going well, for so long it has been slowly building up and it is going well. I just want to keep going with this consistently and building on those stats.
  3. Take time out – I want to make sure week I take time out, even if it is just 10 minutes to lay down and watch something rubbish on tv. I need to switch off at times and not feel guilty doing so.

Blog goals –

  1. Schedule further in advance – This is going well but I want to keep pushing! In an ideal world, I will be scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance on all blogs going forward.
  2. Get Halloween and Christmas content started – Yes I know it is only September but I need to get the Halloween bits ready and also start preparing the Christmas posts!
  3. Stay in control – Going back to work is going to throw my work patterns all out so I just want to stay in control.

There are a few other bits I want to achieve, however, if I can manage to tick off just a few items from my aims and goals from above then I am going to be very happy!

Aims and goals - September 2020

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