Baking Day!

So after a lack of sleep i stumbled across a fabulous new blog on twitter called Utterly Scrummy and they had kindly linked one of their biscuit receipes my favourite freezable buttery biscuit. So that was our mind made up, Kayleigh and myself decided we would attempt to make cookies.

Now i’m not the greatest cook i’d admit that, i can do the usual roasts, chicken dishes etc and can bake the normal fairy cakes, maderia cakes and lemon merangue but that is about as far as it goes. The last few attempts at biscuits, short bread and cookies have been inedible so i didn’t hold out much hope on this batch!

The receipe itself seemed simple enough so i though why not! With my helper on hand we started off well:

Kayleigh absoulutly loves baking, she will be in there like a shot, whether its just plain fairy cakes or attempting something new she loves to get involved. I asked her to put the egg yolk into this mixture so she picked it up with her hand whole rather than just pour it in from the bowl!

This is something at the minute that is just Kayleigh and mummy time which i love (apart from she always thinks she knows best!) as i feel like she’s missed out on some time with me since Ethan has come along.

Apart from mummy’s dodgy knife cutting skills (next time its being rolled out the using shape cutters!) our biscuits were a success!

And they were yummy! So yummy in fact we’ve been planning on how to adapt the receipe to mix it up a bit with chocolate chips and a little bit of orange zest 🙂

Yum Yum!

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